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Activity Programs

Scientists have discovered that having an active social life can help people stay mentally and physically healthy.  This is particularly true for older people — the mental and physical stimulation received from talking to people and doing new things can lead to some very positive outcomes.

As people age it can become difficult to maintain relationships and stay socially active.  Breaking free from isolation has many mental health benefits. The brain thrives on activity and stimulation, and withers without it. 

Social activities have many benefits. When you are part of a group you feel cared for. The other side of that is that you are caring and supporting others as well. It is important for people (young and old) to feel valued, safe, and filled with purpose. 

Socialization often involves physical activity as well. When you are moving, you are getting exercise, even when exercise isn’t your intent. Just the act of getting up and doing things can make you stronger, which boosts the immune system and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Residents have access to many activities and amenities. Therapeutic activities include a wide variety of activities …

  • Exercise programs offered on a regular basis

  • Community outings are scheduled regularly

  • Shopping excursions are scheduled regularly

  • Weekly Arts & Crafts classes are available

  • Monthly birthday parties are scheduled

  • Resident birthdays are honored at lunch on their special day

  • Large print reading materials are available for our residents
    and guests

  • Religious services are available for a variety of denominations

  • Color televisions are located in the TV Lounges for our residents

  • Private meeting areas are available for residents and their families

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