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About Us


Welcome! I am Karen Chapman, the Executive Director of a quaint little Senior Living and Alzheimer's Community called Integrity - Cedar Plantation, in Metter Georgia.  

We are not a nursing home; instead, we are a place that provides loving care to every unique soul who crosses the threshold for our assistance. 

The little white residential building sits directly behind an old white plantation house which originally belonged to the Daniels family and was part of one of the largest land parcels in Candler County. It is nestled between fields of cotton or wheat (based on the crop rotation), beautiful redbird decorated Cedar trees and massive pines. 

It and its residents are protected from the busy highway of life by those natural boundaries. The antics of dozens of Wild turkeys are daily entertainment for the residents. Deer and turkeys dance together in the backyard as they compete for the corn we strew for their nutrition.


When you turn in to visit, it is like turning back the clock to a more peaceful time when the world did not race based on social media or Amazon deliveries. Business deals were handled with a handshake. It is the perfect place for those lost to the present and living in the past, to finish their lives.

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